Tawakkol Karman inaugurated its relief work in Tehama

with the amount of two thousand USD in which it had distributed more than 350 food baskets contained of ( 10 kg of sugar, 50 kg of white wheat, 50 kg of brown wheat, 10 kg of rice, gallon of oil, 10 cans of beans, peas and spaghetti, in addition to milk, cartoon of sauce, and sugared date.) This first stage had targeted Alzahri district in Alhudeida Gov. with specific concentration on Deer Albas, Deer Alfaqeeh, Deer Alsageer villages and Almitiafah village that contains Almahawirah, Azan, Amzor sub-districts. This, Tehama relief, program is a Freedom award 2016 awarded to Tawakol Karman from American National Museum for Civic Rights in which she entailed it for Tihamah later in the same year.