TKF Discussed the Refugees and Displaced Women Situation

Tawakkol Karman Foundation held rights seminar in Istanbul to discuss the displaced and refugees women issue in Yemen, Syria and Myanmar. The seminar was taken place in Istanbul on Thursday, 29th 2018.

Misk Aljunaid, Foundation Executive director, said in her opening speech that the foundation is working in the coming periods on conducting lots of projects that target the refugee, displaced in Yemen and Syria in addition to the projects that had been implemented during last year establishing the industrial parties of war injures is of these projects in addition to projects that helped the refugees. 

Tawakkol Karman, the noble prize Laureate, provide a word that she mentioned the scenes that she lived during her visit to the refugees' camps last periods in Turkey, Jordan, Syria, Bangladesh, Serbia, Croatia, and Germany.

Karman Said that the flowing of refugees will not stopped through closing the borders, barbed wire, suppression or guard dogs that have been released toward the refugees that are trying to cross the borders and this is against the humanitarian values and criteria that the EU countries committed themselves when they established their union.

Karman also cleared that Yemen is suffering from huge humanitarian catastrophe and Yemenis are facing numerous wars and in all these wars there are hunger, disease, displacement, emigrations, decampment, killing to Yemenis and targeting their lives.

She added that KSA and UAE wanted to left Yemen in her current situation in noncountry situation to be able to swallow its islands and beaches and continue their guardianship and control over Yemen.

She emphasis that the killers in Burma, Yemen, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Africa and everywhere are committing their crimes against civilians and do not differentiate between women and men and they damage houses and use the burned land policy which is considered a shame on the humanity these days.

Tawakkol Karman said that the UN reports and statistics about the refugees in all over the world for 2016 year pass the border of 65 million refugees.

She called the world to do real and active steps toward what Rohingya are facing from group Genocide and mass rape, killing, bodywork, war and cutting the necks of children in front of their parents.

She requested the world to hosts the refugees and open their borders to them, housing them and commit to the humanitarian law criteria in addition to provide the special needs for women and children specially those who traveled alone.

For Syria issue, Tawakkol Karman said that the situation in Syria does not differ from other countries that Bashar Al-Assad has been killed more than half million Syrian citizens and there are displaced and refugees in addition to horrible stories that citizens are facing like torturing, killing and displacement.


Majd Sharabji, a Syrian lawyer and a previous prisoner, talked about Syrian women in refugee camps in addition to their situation in the in Syrian cities and in European countries and Turkey.

She started he speech by her husband story who martyred under torture in Al-Assad system prisons passing through the suffering of women in the border of Syria as of Bashar unhumanitarian and brutal treatment.

She said that women were leaving alone while men stayed in their areas to defeat on their areas and properties in which they faced all kinds of suffering.
The activists Shireen Huq from Bangladesh said in the seminar on the suffering that Rohingya refugees suffering in Bangladesh and she narrated tens of stories that she heard.


She said that there are scenes she is shocked when she saw them during her visit to the refugees' camps with Tawakkol Karman days ago. She said that Myanmar soldiers are committed war crimes with cold blood against Rohingya Muslims with flagrant silence from world.


Nabil Albaidani, the executive director of Sam foundation for right s and freedom in Geneva, spotted the light of Yemeni women suffering because of current situation.

He said that Yemen is facing a suffocating siege in which no one can goes out from the country or return back.