Yemen Crises

Four years of the continuous conflict in Yemen has killed more than 20 thousand civilians, injured about 100 thousand others and displaced more than 3 million people according to UNHCR and IMO estimations. Despite UN agencies efforts to provide emergency humanitarian aid to Yemenis, yet these efforts fall short and could not cope up with the mounting basic humanitarian need of the population in the country, whereas 4 out 5 Yemenis are in need to some sort of humanitarian aid. The figures provided by the UN in a report published in cooperation with the Country Humanitarian Team, and other partners, indicate that 14 million Yemenis suffer from food insecurity, lack drinking water, sewage system, and adequate healthcare. Also, 7 million people suffers famine, 3.3 million from acute malnutrition, in Yemen more than 2 million children are outside schools, 55% of hospitals are not functioning, and remaining hospitals are not fully operated according to ministry of health report.

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