TKF Strategic Goals

Reduce Destitution

Active participation in combat poverty through group of activities that aim to reduce destitution and unemployment among youth through supporting youth’s micro projects , building their capacities and integrate them in labor market.

Support the Freedom

Disseminate and support the freedom of thoughts and culture and encourage scientific research, creativity and arts through support and stablish researches and studies centers, libraries, publishers, showrooms, theaters and arts institutes

Peace Building

Actively contributes in peace building efforts and conflict resolution and defense for human rights, democracy and good governance
ans support the efforts and initiatives that aim to fight corruption and enhance the principle of integrity, transparency and accountability.

Health Care

Provide the health care and therapeutic, and medical services for destitute people, especially among women and children, through sponsoring and establishing hospitals, clinics and health centers, grant therapeutic grants.

Educational Services

Build the knowledge community and provide educational services to all without differentiation by taking care and stablishing schools, institutes, faculties and universities in different specializations, grant scholarships for outstanding students

Aimed Moves

Encourage initiatives and aimed moves to fight environmental pollution in its different sides and participate in efforts of protecting environment and spread awareness socially in a wider range.

We believe that existence of freedom will create a will for change among human beings into better life.

Targeted Groups

We care for human beings wherever they are, yet we operate mostly at poor countries and remote areas with focus on;

Vulnerable and marginalized categories;
Victims of conflicts, wars and natural disasters.

We Employ all Available Potentials and Resources in Order to Reach Into a World Where Everyone Have Equal Opportunity Live

Working with people for people’s good is the rule on which we believe and

upon which we plan all our projects.

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